Ride, Drive and Stride

Ride, Drive and Stride

Saturday 8th September 2018

Our biggest fund raiser (£16,000 in 2017) is the national Ride and Stride Day, which in Cambridgeshire we have decided to make “Ride, Drive and Stride”. Participants can use cars as well as bicycles, horses, buses or their own two feet to visit as many churches and chapels as they can on the second Saturday in September. By getting sponsorship for each church visited, money is raised for the Trust and whatever church or chapel you nominate to receive half the total raised.

Participants are sponsored for every place of worship they visit by cycle, horse, bus, car or on foot during the Day. The money raised is then split between the Trust and any place of worship they nominate. If the sponsorship is Gift-Aided, then the Trust can benefit further.

Go to Stewardship’s give.net and make your church a FundRaiser! Circulate the link at work and with friends, family and followers.

If you are taking part in the Ride, Drive and Stride, the best way for your church to benefit from half the amount you raise is for your church to create a give.net FundRaising Page. Many participants can distribute the link to the churches fund raising page.

Participants may create their own FundRaising Page with Stewardship. However, the Trust will not necessarily know which, if any, church is to benefit.

Money raised for the Trust is used to provide grants to churches in the county for repairs and improvements.

Ride, Drive and Stride Day coincides with Heritage Open Days, so there may well be other events and places to visit alongside the churches and chapels – especially in Cambridge, Peterborough and other towns. Check the HoD website www.heritageopendays.org.uk or look for information at your local library.

Cycling or walking around towns is the easiest way to clock up a large number of sponsored visits within a short time and distance. For instance, a walk through Cambridge visiting college chapels and the central churches and chapels (many serving great teas!) can easily total twenty visits. However, some chapels may have weddings, so there won’t be access to those. With the increase in road traffic, cycling might not be quite as pleasurable as it was, but there are ever more cycle routes and dedicated cycle lanes; maps and routes (that also mark parish churches) can be downloaded from Cambridgeshire County Council.

One possible route is cycling (or walking) the twelve miles from St Ives to north Cambridge alongside the guided busway. This gives easy, safe access to at least ten parish churches en route, plus more places in Cambridge itself and some village chapels too. Another possibility is to take your cycle on the train and begin to ride in the church-filled countryside around Cambridge, Ely or St Neots.

Although we encourage as many places of worship as possible to be open (and to offer refreshments and a toilet if they can), this is not always possible.

If you are an individual wishing to take part, you can download a  Main Sponsorship Form . If you manage to fill this with sponsors – well done! – there’s a Continuation Sponsorship Sheet. There’s also a Church list 2018  of the churches and chapels in the county, though we can’t say which of these will be open on the day, and a Paying in form  to send us the money you raise.

Churches who wish to participate can also find, in addition to these, a Covering Letter  explaining the arrangements, a Poster  to advertise the event in your area, and a Register of Visitors  if you wish to record those who visit your church on the day, though there is no need to return this to us.